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Technology has changed the way we receive information. With mobile devices occupying the attention of people at large comes the emergence of a new avenue for channelling information and content to audiences – the mobile phone.

According to experts, there is a rapid increase in the sales and penetration level of smartphones in the Middle East and Africa regions.

The Middle East, in particular, is projected to move up as the second largest market for mobile phones in the world. Given the growth in sales and penetration level of smartphones in the Middle East region, however, experts say numbers are likely to grow by 39 per cent more in 2015.

Furthermore, research shows that smartphones are the most desired devices by people ages 18 to 34 in the Middle East.

This presents a lucrative condition for businesses and companies that are looking to expand their scope throughout the region. With the proliferation of smartphones, SMS marketing has become one of the most cost effective ways to reach a target market.

Statistics show that text promotions and offers shared through SMS marketing are opened at an astounding rate of 98 per cent. Furthermore, due to the condensed nature of mobile texts, it is easier for a recipient to consume the information and make a decision as to whether or not an offer or promotion is appealing.

If your business is looking for a channel for marketing flash sales and same-day promos, SMS marketing is a great choice.

With SMS marketing, Dubai businesses can implement a more targeted approach with their marketing as well. SPOTON boasts of a vast network database that can be filtered to meet client-specific requirements such as age, salary, location, gender, marital status and industry.

We have a segmented database of business owners, property owners and buyers, CEOs and more to ensure your efforts for SMS marketing in Dubai are focussed on the ideal target market for maximum impact and return on investment.

SPOTON will always work towards a certain budget provided for by our clients as well as assist with writing the content and researching the target client.

With this cost-effective means of advertising, businesses can enjoy more leverage when it comes to their financial resources. So if you are interested in growing your reach beyond Dubai and across the UAE, get with the program and partner with SPOTON today.

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